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Nike wintersports interactive experience is based on the centre court (a digital sensible floor screen and 4-floor height shaft LED screen) which is open to the customer in November at NIKE shanghai001. The participants can experience fast motion heat up the whole scene.

Hot blood can not be froze and break through the weather barriers are the main concepts of wintersports. The game is designed to advertise Nike wintersport theme product featuring water proof. To stand out this feature, we simulate the urban winter with ice clod rain and ponding in scene. The paticipants quickly stamped on the floor to heat the overall environment by wearing the Nike's shose. The trace can be tracking and the step speed would reflect in the change of rainfall.

Client: NIKE
Project duration: 2 months (Sebtember - October 2019)
Design TEAM: STUDIO NOWHERE ( Ryan/art director, koseyile/Programming, Karkin/Programming,  Chichi/Visual )
My role: Idea proposal, game design, visual design, part of game interface design, user portrait fliter design, UGC fliter design, staff's ipad UI design)

#Game design