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“Brent and Rhett” is a narrative puzzle game that player reveals the secret by talking with characters. The story is about a boy who suffered from DID( dissociative identity disorder) which means he has multiple personalities. The player plays one of his personalities to explore what happened in his life. Because the memory is a fragment and time is not continued, players have to talk with the people around to get the information.

The story background is that the character(Rhett) player played thought he was the original personality of the body and find he was almost drowning because alter(Brent) is trying to swim. Rhett finds he has no memory of childhood and when he asked his mother, she said he had a heavy traffic accident so he lost his memory. But when he talks with a friend and meet brent’s therapist he finds the truth: 1. he is not the original personalities. he is the alter and brent is the original one 2.why his mother wants to hide this secret is because the mother doesn’t like brent’s personality, which is not sociable and also suffers from depression compared to the coming alter, which is more extroversion and considerate. brent is bullied by others and also her mother wants to abandon him so it like his trauma so that there would be an extroversion personality come up with to protect the body from the pain memory.3. brent want to satisfy all the people’s expectation decide to dormancy and give up the control of the body.

What I find quite interesting is that the first-person perspective has limited information and the player has to deduce what he has known and what he didn’t know.

Character Arcs

The character I want to shape has a contrast between his true self and external self which means self and this external presentation is the opposite like someone is a bad guy but doing a good thing. it could rich character.


Brent is the original personality of the body. He is quiet and doesn’t like talking so that he always be bullied by other students. he is suffered from depression at a very small age. but he is kind and has a soft heart. his sensitivity brings him plenty of pain. he likes electronics and he is good at studying. he knows he is supposed to be strong and extroverted to handle the social relationship with his family and know he alters is more suitable to live in this world so he trying to sacrifice himself to satisfy his mother need.

Rhett(player): a well-protected alter, take brent as his brother and thought himself as an original personality. he is bright and brave to fight with people who bully him. he is not good at swimming.

Mother: mom only love one side of his child, she doesn’t accept the bad side of his son and she is so selfish to fo

rce his child to satisfy her meet. Mother actually is the metaphor of improper expectation from yourself or others which expect one person to be in a bright state all the time other than accept all the parts of one person.